It was early morning when Kate received a phone call from her lover, Tom. When she answered he sounded distressed, breathing heavily. “What’s the matter?” Kate asked. “I’m in trouble,” he mumbled “I need to see you tonight.” “Ok, but you’re scaring me.” Kate replied. The phone crackled and went dead. “TOM! TOM!” she shouted but there was no answer.

Kate waited all day. The weather was getting worse and she was starting to worry. Rain started to pound on the windows and the power went out. After lighting some candles, Kate sat in the chair by the fire as the broken shutters rattled against the windows. The noise became so intense she covered her ears with her hands. She watched the shadows dance as she waited for her love. She grabbed for the phone, her hands turning white. The air turned cold and the candles went out. A tapping on the window between the clatter of the shutters caught Kate’s attention. She went to the window and pulled back the curtains. There stood a dark figure moving closer, getting bigger.


The face of a clown came into view. It breathed on the glass and wrote, Your soul belongs to me. Quickly she shut the curtains, ran and hid quietly. She breathed, frozen with fear in the darkened room. Hearing the door close, she expected it to be her lover. “TOM!” she cried, “I’m in here!” A voice replied, “It’s ok, my love, I’m here now.” Kate sighed in relief and sat back in her chair by the fire as she felt hands touching her shoulders and caressing her neck. “Kiss me,” she said, but there was no reply. Then a hand wrapped around her neck, began to squeeze. She cried out, tried to shout but was unable to catch her breath.

The clown figure appeared, with sharp teeth and bad breath. Laughing loudly, he placed a blade on her thigh. “Why?” She barely gets the word out. He simply replied with, “Tonight bitch you’re gonna die.” The painted monster grabbed the blade, which glinted in the moonlight. He began to sever Kate’s throat. As she struggled blood began to cover the chair where she sat. There was a gurgling sound as she took her last breath.

Just as the clown was about to cut Kate’s scalp, he heard the door open. “KATE! KATE! I’m here!” shouted Tom. The clown quickly sat Kate upright in the chair and disappeared into the shadows as Tom walked into the room. He whispered, “Kate, are you asleep?” As he got closer, he touched her shoulder and her body slumped onto the floor.

Screaming her name, he cried, “Who did this? Help! Help!” As he reached for his phone, he heard a voice say, “Hello.” “Who’s there?” Tom asked. “I’m your nightmare,” the clown said. “Stop fucking around! Who’s there?” Tom shouted moving closer to the shadow in the corner. Then suddenly Tom felt a sharp pain in his back. His body started to shudder.  “Now you can join your little bitch” said the clown, dragging his knife all the way up Tom’s spine, splitting his carcass in two. His body fell to the floor.

The clown moved closer to this line and said, “Whoever’s reading this is next.”

Copyright © #horrorsquadww 2013