Feeling like the earth swallowed me whole darkness overcome me.
Taken deep into my memories to see the shadows behind me,
No light comes, no air to fill my lungs, holding on to life,
Choking, choking, can’t last much longer.
The darkness fills my being and wins the struggle we had.
My soul taken down to hell and there’s no coming back.

Shadow Prayer


Howls in the night rattled against the windows and the cold evening wind made the curtains dance.

Dark figures play in the shadows creepily, not just by chance, I prayed to God for some ease of my pain and no answer have I got.

But could the devil have heard me instead? Asking for my blood on his hands, I sit and watch the shadows, in fear for my life.

Sitting shaking in my hands a shimmering knife, so cold, so tired, hard to stay awake reciting to myself: “my lord my soul to take”.

then darkness takes its hold and sleep wins this battle my wish for ease of this pain might just of been my last