‘Untitled Horror Film’ – Review.


So I’m a big fan of horror and love all kinds so when I was asked to review this film movie of course I said yes.


So what is untitled Horror Film (UHF)…Heidi Slater- A digital suicide note or a twisted manifesto video?

Untitled Horror film is a UK based movie and was shot in just 5 days.

Heidi Slater (Margot Mount) plays a woman determined to get her big break in journalism, as she attempts to try and prove that Tobiaz Danzig (psychic-medium) is a fake. When Tobiaz Danzig (Tom Charnock)leads Heidi and her crew into ‘Netherwood House’ Heidi and her team start to suffer from visual hallucinations.

Heidi starts wondering what’s really going on, ‘The Director’ wants to make something completely different and as fiction becomes blurred with actual events, Heidi succumbs to his hypnotic film making process.

As a viewer and a lover of anything Horror I found the beginning to be a bit chaotic when switching the camera between characters, leaving me slightly disorientated to where the story was going. I found it most interesting to watch how ‘The Director’ J.P used psychological methods to change Heidi’s mind set into carrying out the murder of Jeffery (Darren Harris).

Was Heidi really hypnotised or did she succumb to human nature of survival after reading the ‘rape scene’?

In my opinion ‘Untitled Horror Film’ was a great watch and successfully written, but ideally I would have liked to have seen Heidi do more murders under the influence of J.P. All in all Jean-Paul Bankes-Mercer has done a great job with this movie and I look forward to more of his work.

unnamed house   unnamed 1

Director Statement:
Heidi Slater was a very difficult film to make; the production process took about three years. The edit was a nightmare and consisted of numerous final edits, re-shoots until finally, the subject matter (being so oppressive and dark) got a hold of me
*. I took time away from ‘The Film’ and worked for the BBC as a Unit Manager (change of scene but just as stressful and brilliant) only to return, re-think and re-edit…again.

Amys dark depression

Amy never believed in happiness, her fate was set, destined for the darkness. A shard of glass from the broken window that her screams had shattered glinted in the moonlight. She picked it up and slithered it up her wrists, blood flowed and she sat growing weaker, her heartbeat slowing to a stop.