From the dark alleys came the sounds of cracking bones and muffled screams. With the echoes getting louder and closer the skies turned from black to red and drops of blood began to fall faster and faster. It poured, clothes turning deep red, is this the end? As the clothes dripped with blood the sound of groans from demons grew louder, as they smelled every last drop and began to kill the living. Screams filled the air, as flesh was torn from bones; limbs were cast along the once clear pavements, the odd eyeball still twitching. Black hounds with glowing red eyes and saliva dripping fangs could be seen diving in and out of the shadows, taking children from the streets. Car alarms going off, glass scattered on the roads, people running trying to find anywhere to hide. But the blood was like a beacon in the demons eyes, murder, fear, darkness. No light to be seen, no places to hide, throats slit and bodies dragged down to hell. The words HELP ME left written in remains.


As I walk down these roads untraveled
plagued by lies, greed, misery.
I am powerless, lost in the echoes of my mind,
victimized for being my own kind.

I can now see the castle of glass
like tinfoil in the sun, it won’t last.

As the glass gets hot until it breaks,
then it will be gone
as if we burned it down.

Like skin to bone,
as a king to a throne,
my escape is my death,
I leave the torture in my remains.